Condor is the leading primary processor of raw cashew nut (RCN) in Mozambique. 

3 state-of-the-art factories with an installed capacity of more than 25,000 tons of RCN annually.

Our raw material is sourced from more than 100,000 small holder farms throughout Mozambique.

Quality is central to our strategy - every factory is HACCP certified and achieves the highest food safety standards.

Built in 2004, CondorCajú the longest running factory of the group and of the country. It is located in Mogovolas, Nampula, deep in the heart of RCN producing country. As part of a strategic plan to introduce automatic de-shelling in all our factories, the CondorCajú factory was completely refurbished in 2008. It currently employs over 1.500 people and is HACCP certified and part of the African Cashew Alliance.

In 2008 CondorNuts opened in the outskirts of the Nampula city, with the goal of covering purchasing in the areas of northern Nampula province. The CondorNuts facility is HACCP certified and part of the African Cashew Alliance.

Located in Macia, CondorAnacardium is the newest factory and the only one south of the Zambezi River. It serves as a destination for RCN produced in the provinces of Sofala, Inhambane and Gaza that were previously exported. The facility is currently awaiting HACCP approval.

Condor nuts are sold worldwide under the Zambique brand.


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